Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Kept Leaving, Keep Leaving

Life become me. 

In closing my eyes, I consciously register the sense of present.
  The dryness of my skin seeks experience in order to be quenched.

Like playing Wooly Willy, 
I'm the conductor, using a magnetic wand to gather even the tiniest metal fillings; 
forming a picture, a face, a visual form of self. 
  Over time, these attracted senses. memories. emotions. will cling to my body,
  building a layer of metal armor. 

For when faced with my eternal slumber,
the armor from which my life was built, will be burned. 
In all ablaze, the fire will rekindle my past, 
allowing what once was, to spark with life again. 
Reverting back to a thirst for 

As the molten subsides, 
a small fleck of energy unfurls into  
an unseen particle...

hopefully to be reused. 

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