Sunday, August 30, 2009

Line in Life

I'll emerge victoriously from this MAZE I've been traveling in,
and welcome a Labyrinth filled with twists and turns, never to find a dead end.


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Sunday Mood

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Each Day



It's a lovely 103 outside, and Fires are raging on our very near mountains. (humbug)

Markus decided that he wanted to take some pictures in the
"Fetish Dungeon" today.

the result:

After these snaps...
I layed out in the sun for a bit. still sipping on a mimosa, and feeling the pressure of time.

I can't help but feel the way i feel. i'll miss this.

I love you, boys.

Friday, August 28, 2009



Well, It's my last weekend in Los Angeles for a chunk of time.

I'm putting my sorrows, frustration, anger, and heartaches behind me.
There's no reason to Fuss anymore. it's happening whether I like it or not.

Sooooo.... I'm going to be wild and free from all my worries
& soak up every second I have left!

My Friday Night Song.
Hit It & Get Down:

Catch ya on the Flip Side.

Not a Class Clown, Just Funny

A funny man has the key to my Heart.

le cinéma

s q u e a l !

Shot of The Day

Girl Crush

ohaikids:(via dangchang) blerg.

Dear Tina, could you please rub off some your comedic brilliance onto me?

"I'm in the Garden"

: The animals tell me all their secrets.
Mary: [pointing to the Robin] He wouldn't tell you my secret, would he?
Dickon: About what, Miss Mary?
Mary: A garden. I've stolen a garden. But it may already be dead, I don't know.
Dickon: I'll know.
Mary: Promise you won't tell anyone?
Dickon: Promise.
Mary: No one?
Dickon: Not a soul.

Mary: The spell was broken. My uncle learned to laugh, and I learned to cry. The secret garden is always open now. Open, and awake, and alive. If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.

I remember having The Biggest crush on Dickon.
Hell, I still think he's adorable.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I need to keep my eyes on the horizon.
Let Go And Move On.
All the same, my heart is far too tender.
I must strengthen this muscle.

General Diagnosis:

you know you're feelin' pretty damn low when
Wet Hot American Summer can't even cheer you up.


Shark couching via


Jet pack failure via

two words: sean connery.
there you have it.

You look like this Hipster i once knew

Hipster girl with gun… fucking hot. Photo by Kyle Johnson.


atoms:(via suzywire)

I'm One of the West

The Wild West.
You've captured my spirit life times ago.
Your grandeur is overwhelming.
So Ancient...
Sprawling Mountain ranges for as much as one can bare.
My wild heart has wandered these lands on Horseback.
Reading under a shady Oak.
Drinking whiskey under the night sky.
Pacific ocean... your song's too great, too sweet to ever ignore.
you're everything I love and more.

*Side Note: If you're a lover of the West, read Wild Horse Mesa By Zane Grey
Hands down Zane Grey is my favorite author, *

Well, it's about 102 degrees outside.
It's truly a shame to be leaving Los Angeles during it's Summer Peak.
When I first moved out here from Chicago,
I lived in 'The Valley' for 4 years.
which acclimated me to the summer temps. averaging around 109.

Now after 8 years in California, I have the thinnest blood.
if it gets cooler than 78, I'm freezing.
(i'm always that one person who shivers tremendously)

The blazing sun, the dry desert heat. I relish in all it's presence.

On a Chicago Note:
You will force me to spend money I don't have on warm clothing.
I think I'm up for the challenge.


You had me at Hello

Holy Shit. This needs to be mine, Now!

edit: currently out of stock. damnit.

"I Sail, I'm a Sailor, I Sail!"

rachel+tattoo by jackie young..

I'm in dire need of my next tattoo.

No Face

Inspiration Station

par tastevickjoannaAtelier musee imprimerie & typographie de Grignan by foxtrotyankee.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Personal Project Style

Oh Amour

Escena de amor entre pareja anónima #6 by sicoactiva.Escena de amor entre pareja anónima #8 by sicoactiva.Escena de amor entre pareja anónima #3 by sicoactiva.

I like these a lot, a lot.
Fun personal projects.

p.s. the last series taps on how i see my ' twu wuv day'.
i want a goofy, fun, creative, dancing,
Booze Fest
to say...
'i love this guy'
in front of my family and friends.

Oh Hi Jack

completely genius.


"Remove my magic belt."

Andros I: Tell me about your Paradise Island.
Wonder Woman: Oh, it's beautiful. It's tranquil and peaceful. It's outside of time Andros. We cherish old ways. We are close to the ancient, natural order of things. We live together in harmony with our living Earth.

"I have bursts of magic that fade immediately"

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feel Good Lost


La Strada

The Fool: I am ignorant, but I read books. You won't believe it, everything is useful... this pebble for instance.
Gelsomina: Which one?
The Fool: Anyone. It is useful.
Gelsomina: What for?
The Fool: For... I don't know. If I knew I'd be the Almighty, who knows all. When you are born and when you die... Who knows? I don't know for what this pebble is useful but it must be useful. For if its useless, everything is useless. So are the stars!


Adventure, Here:


Endless Spectrum

From the Ground Up

Shot of the Day

I really need to know the story behind this photo.
So we have Tipi's in the distance, so it's an obvious village...
Then the row of Americans ready to fight and claim land?
Yet we have a group of Native Americans with the Chief present calmly observing this?
what's going on!?

The only thing I truly wish people did in tradition with writing the name, place, and date on the back of the photo, is to have written a

Morning Oddity

As I've mentioned in previous posts...
Every morning, immediately after waking, I start singing a single song that my dreamy subconscious left behind. (or humming) *Every single morning* The spectrum is endless.
This morning it was:

This song tends to slip into my subconscious quite a bit, which is fine with me.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Midwest Bound

Ok, so a decision has been made (out of necessity)

It's back to Chicago in order to SAVE money.

I had a good cry, a good chat with a friend, and now played this to get my spirit fire hot in order to blaze through and survive.

New Kick

So, these past couple weeks I've taken on the poor woman persona, embroidering well into the evenings under a dim light while sipping cheap wine.

Though, my clothes do need a bit of mending, my work was focused on Canvas.
Any previous " mixed-media-something-rather" work of mine has a bit needle work in it.

I simply decided to go balls out and JUST do THREAD pieces.

Here's what I got so Far:

Love of The Sea:

I Flunked Geometry:

Like An Arrow:

Cause = Time:

Anywho, I've put these babies up on my

Feedback always welcome!