Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm One of the West

The Wild West.
You've captured my spirit life times ago.
Your grandeur is overwhelming.
So Ancient...
Sprawling Mountain ranges for as much as one can bare.
My wild heart has wandered these lands on Horseback.
Reading under a shady Oak.
Drinking whiskey under the night sky.
Pacific ocean... your song's too great, too sweet to ever ignore.
you're everything I love and more.

*Side Note: If you're a lover of the West, read Wild Horse Mesa By Zane Grey
Hands down Zane Grey is my favorite author, *

Well, it's about 102 degrees outside.
It's truly a shame to be leaving Los Angeles during it's Summer Peak.
When I first moved out here from Chicago,
I lived in 'The Valley' for 4 years.
which acclimated me to the summer temps. averaging around 109.

Now after 8 years in California, I have the thinnest blood.
if it gets cooler than 78, I'm freezing.
(i'm always that one person who shivers tremendously)

The blazing sun, the dry desert heat. I relish in all it's presence.

On a Chicago Note:
You will force me to spend money I don't have on warm clothing.
I think I'm up for the challenge.


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