Sunday, August 31, 2008


Graham Annable

A story artist, animator, and responsible for the Grickle Books.
Such great work, I'm smitten.

From Whence before times

Check out his blog here!

Illustration Addict

Lounging at a friends house this morning, I was perusing their bookshelf
(as always)
came across a book called:

Creative Illustration

By Andrew Loomis

An AMAZING instructional art book on 'how to' illustration
format, color, texture, etc. I liked it SO much that I decided to look it up online for a possible future purchase.
(though my friend Thom mentioned beforehand that it was a collectors item)

Anyway, Amazon... Price starting at 200! Woof.
Maybe I'll just have to spend more time reading it there,
rather than socializing with my friends ;)

Andrew Loomis

Illustrator who spent the majority of his working life in my hometown


Thursday, August 28, 2008

just keep drawing

Lois Lenski

Illustrator and Author of Children's Books.

*Images Via*

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Serious vs. Silly Flick


Yes Man

What can I say? I have a weak spot for Cameos!


Tiny ropes of Misery

Bright Idea

is your best friend

Bird & Leaf

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

so chic

She's a 25 year old Swedish designer who works with all Eco-Friendly/Organic materials.
She is now working on a collection with
Scottish brand Ardalanish.

i want.

Travel Bug!

Around this time last year I was backpacking Europe solo.
Oh how time has flown by!
I sporadically look through pictures to remind myself that traveling is something
I continually need to do to keep my

S O U L happy.

I feel together and content with a bag packed.

New countries, meeting many different people, and building life long memories.

At this very moment, I'm itching with anxiousness to Hit the Road for several years.
Since that's not in the cards as of now,
I have to start building exciting adventures here in my
Day to Day Life.

Meet: Luzern, Switzerland

I was there August 18-20th 2007
A few photos from my travels in LU

A little back ground info on Lulu:
Lulu was a nickname given to me at Birth.
Lauren is my formal name but I can count the people who call me Lauren on a single hand.
I've taken on Lu/Lulu as my Name-Name.

Which is why it was so amusing to be in a city abbreviated LU.
*I do Heart LU*

Monday, August 25, 2008


"run the wire"
album: such unrest

*images from artist*

Round the World

Elizabeth Jane Cochran
Journalist and Author

Pen Name:

Nellie Bly

She's famous for her amazing journalistic skills, such as her Undercover Asylum Expose.
Bly faked insanity to get the inside study at the Women's Lunatic Asylum Blackwell's Island, because of investigated reports of brutality and neglect.
Talk about a women who wants her story!

Nellie Bly was then inspired by the book Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne.

She decides to take on the adventure herself in 1888.

It took her 72 days to circle the globe, landing her back in New York City.
Accomplishing the trip alone, Bly became a role model of Independence for Women.

Her fame brought this board game:

*images from here*

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Walter Harrison Cady

American Cartoonist and Illustrator

Harrison Cady brings such character and life to his illustrations.
Raggedy Animals and Ant Venture are so adorably witty & charming.

Forget Kids, I want the Books!

Take a Gander...

Riverboat Gallery

J.P. Doremus

An American commercial and portrait photographer.

"In the spring of 1874, Doremus conceived of the novel idea of building a photo gallery which would float down the Mississippi River.

Putting his sons in charge of his New Jersey galleries, Doremus headed for St. Paul, Minnesota.

There, below St. Anthony's Falls, he contracted with a boatyard to build a floating photo gallery which he aptly named


"Doremus' plan was to spend 4 years going from St. Paul to the Gulf of Mexico photographing steamboats, waterfronts, bridges, lumberyards, log rafts, and river towns.

Doremus would then convert these images to stereo card views which he described in a short work entitled "Floating Down the Mississippi" (1877).

The 4,000 images that Doremus made remain today as some of the best visual documentation of the river and the lifestyles it supported during the 19th century."
*Info from The National Mississippi River Museum*

just brilliant

*Images from Here*

Friday, August 22, 2008

Air Plant

*it's a mouthful*

It's never a boring day with Air Plants around the house...

This purdy little plant was given to me a while back as a birthday present.

I couldn't help but take pictures of the blooming process.

They're low maintenance for those who lack a green thumb
A wonderful gift idea.

It's been one doozy of a week.

happy friday!

Card express

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ode to the Family Tree

'Vintage' photographs, Where do I begin?

Whether they're famous, remote, stumbled upon, archived or of my own family...
The interest, inspiration, history fix, beauty and emotion is never ending!

It seems I may have an addiction problem.

(I have to plug SHORPY! Once again. Just so good it hurts!)

Show and Tell Time:

Meet my Grandmother R.
side of the Family:

My Great Great Grandmother

My Great Great Grandparents

On the Left: Is my Great Grandfather

My Great Great Grandparents Marriage Certificate 1887

I can feel the emotion running through this crumbling piece of paper.

I envision that very moment.

I also wanted to share
this magnificent birthday card given to my grandmother


I apologize for such poor quality images.
My Printer/Scanner didn't survive the move, so I had to photograph these little treasures
rather than Scanning.

So upsetting!