Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Travel Bug!

Around this time last year I was backpacking Europe solo.
Oh how time has flown by!
I sporadically look through pictures to remind myself that traveling is something
I continually need to do to keep my

S O U L happy.

I feel together and content with a bag packed.

New countries, meeting many different people, and building life long memories.

At this very moment, I'm itching with anxiousness to Hit the Road for several years.
Since that's not in the cards as of now,
I have to start building exciting adventures here in my
Day to Day Life.

Meet: Luzern, Switzerland

I was there August 18-20th 2007
A few photos from my travels in LU

A little back ground info on Lulu:
Lulu was a nickname given to me at Birth.
Lauren is my formal name but I can count the people who call me Lauren on a single hand.
I've taken on Lu/Lulu as my Name-Name.

Which is why it was so amusing to be in a city abbreviated LU.
*I do Heart LU*

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