Thursday, May 28, 2009



The <span class=Garden of Clouds
This caught my eye for several reasons.

1. It would be a fulfilled dream of mine to have a Zen Garden
2. I'm currently in the market for Moss (really)
3. I'm reading a wonderful book that I highly recommend:


This song holds such significant memories.
(most likely for my siblings as well)
Even if we weren't on a lengthy road trip from Chicago to Vermont,
my mom would start singing On Moonlight Bay in city traffic
and challenge us kids to harmonize with her.
We usually always complied.
I will forever hold these memories close to me.

Illustration Station

Blanca Gomèz

writer<span class=<span class=<span class=Sailor

Simple, '50s coloring, linear drawings.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Aces High

3439 by Least Wanted.
As I've mentioned before,
these vintage mugshots nurture a fictitious wonderland for my imagination.

James, a runaway orphan, who eventually settled in Bodie California.
He's the quiet-crazy type, gambling man, who has whiskey as blood, and whores for love.
Conviction: Saloon Brawl aka Murder

'76 Computer Nerd

Not so much of a loner, is he?

It was obviously safe to assume that
1 Geek + 16bit microprocessors = Two Farrah Fawcetts

Shot of the Day

Chess, Checkers, anyone?

Tru Wuv

I adore this film.

Celebrity Crush

audreyhepburncomplex: (via fuckyeahjohnkrasinski)

Oh you handsome devil, you.

Love "Monday"

Young love. by the owls go.photobooth by the owls go.

Friday, May 22, 2009

I Love Goodwill

Picked this single-dolla-baby up today.
it's something else.

Long weekend

Happy Friday! Any special plans for the holiday weekend?

My weekend line-up:
Friday night what-have-you
Saturday '90s Party
Beach excursion
Read my new books
Drink Wine

xox, -lulu

Friday Mood'sImage and video hosting by TinyPicAir Photo by the owls go.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

too cute

Sad Boy by the owls go.

This is how I'll dress my future son.

boom boom

" Mary " Men

The Finest of Cars

Bike Love

I'm in the market for a bike, and...
I found it!
Guess this means I have to go to New York City.


Shot of the Day

Full Up

Well, I've been stock piling far too many photos in my little account.
So today I'm trying to organizing my Photo Whore-ness, & attempt to post in a manner that doesn't look messy and blah.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This Very Moment

To celebrate the summer heat, a chilled glass of white wine.
In all honesty, I don't like white wine, but it seems fitting for this evening.
I would like to make a toast to the bad ass earthquakes we've been having here in southern california.
We feel you loud and clear, now take a break.