Thursday, July 26, 2012

On Moving

Things. Stuff. Knick-Knacks. Possessions. etc. etc. 
It's a Love Hate relationship. 
I enjoy the process of sorting, throwing away, donating, cherishing certain belongings....
but lordy lord, every time I have to pay big bucks to have my 
'crap' thrown into a storage room, I can't help but think
"what for"
Obviously there are a few things that I will keep till the end, such as 
old family photos.
But that's pretty much it. 

Everything else - including all the worn, pearled, stained, dated clothes, which financially I'm forced to wear, I want gone too. 
Mind you, I really shouldn't complain. 
I can pack everything I own into my mazda protege.  
(minus my semi-recent purchase of a Bed+Frame) 

Regardless, there's a desire, an urge to purge it all.
Then of course, a moment later the tides turn, 
and I dream about decorating my home with things I love. 

As I sit here on the floor of my near empty home; 
I can't help but think
"oh lu, how many times have you been here!?" 

No matter how many times I've 'been here' 
Each time is never quite the same, 
Nor I. 

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