Monday, July 30, 2012

On Morning's

I recently read an article about how music effects your mood, but more specifically,
how your choice of music in the morning
sets a "tone" for the day. 
Music is so important. It always baffles me to visit silent homes. 
No music in the morning, no music through out the day, no music to jump around with your kids with, no cooking music...How do these people live? 
I'm all for chunks of silence, but how boring! 
Anywho, reading that article had me taking note of each start to my day. 
Two things happens directly
1. Start the coffee
2. Put on Classical Music.
Just Classical. Every. Single. Morning.  
Since the age of fourteen, it's been a personal oddity that 
 I cannot endure listening to any music with  lyrics before 11am. 
Bizarre, I know. 
I've tested myself on several occasions thinking that if 
I start the day with some rockin' tunes, maybe that would set me up for a productive, 
energy induced day... 
It goes against the grain of self,
 frays the lightness of being. 

The piece above has played a pretty big significance in my life. From soothing a depressed teen, night reading under a soft light, creating artwork, fuel for writing...
 It lifts my heart and sweeps me off to far away lands. 

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