Monday, October 1, 2012

Changing Leaves

I arose with worry in my soul. 
An elevated heart rate, panic, uncertainty.
Acknowledging my self fulfilled prophecy for failure.  
Something that's constantly beginning anew,
then to it's ultimate end, a living Ouroboros.
This broken cycle reveals itself as a sealed room, from which I'm encased.
Each wall built blindly by hand, over a quarter-century.
This accustomed comfort, shelter, my shield of hope and resilience is fastened with a faulty lock. 
For these walls are shoddy, off kilter, poorly constructed and corroding from within.
A cracked foundation weakens my stability, bows and bulge, tattered corners, broken hinges. 
Once accepting, is now insufferably insufficient. 

Let the memories melt away. Say farewell to the nostalgia, the hurt, the triumphs. 
Quit picking up the scraps, in haste attempt to knit a quilt 
form worn patches of the past. 
It's time to tear down, and destroy the foundation you were given. 
Toil the earth, lay rich soil upon that inherited land and 
plant new life.
Life that will cleanse and purify all that was toxic, for someone else's future.  

Now, floating effortlessly above what's no longer mine, 
I'm carried away with the ease of lightness. 
Ready to be transplanted to another land. 
Ready to steadily build my 
own foundation

Leveled and New. 

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