Saturday, August 11, 2012

Those Who Do, And Those Who Don't

Last night grew cold. The box fan spinning away in my window turned icy. A sheet and light cover was not enough to shield me. I tossed and turned, distorting my body into the tightest embryo pose for warmth. The discomfort was cause for such cramped joints, that I arose and snatched the hoodie hanging from the foot of my bed. Still, I froze for the rest of the early morning. 
When I woke up (about an hour later than I usually rise) I was beyond furious with myself. WHY didn’t I just get up and take the fan out of the window? I could have easily saved myself from a sleepless night. How ridiculous my non-action is.
Does this act of not taking action speak for me on a deeper level? Such as, succumbing to a fan? A Fan! Alas, I did nothing, but keep myself chained to the bed, restless, and freezing. Most all the individuals I know would have immediately fixed any discomfort ailing their sleep. 
Funny how something so silly as this, can have you analyzing the basic fact that I devalue myself, even in Sleep. 
Take care of yourself, Lu.

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