Tuesday, August 7, 2012

There's So Much Travel Yet

Sharpening Senses. 

My mantra as of late has been: 
"Listen to yourself, follow your heart"
The Universe is shoving it in my face so much so, that even a strange woman came up to me and started reading me like an open book.
To which she said "You need to stop listening to everyone else, and just listen to you. Listen to your heart." she also tapped on other things such as Parents/Friends and that I need more Ego-Self Confidence! 
I swear this to you all. So strange and altering. 

Anywho, a guilty pleasure of mine is to read my horoscope off
Susan Miller
and occasionally ask a question with
  The Oracle.
I love it all, even down to the magic 8 ball. 
It's all good fun. 

This morning I randomly felt the need to ask the Oracle....
So I grabbed the book, closed my eye, ran my thumb along the pages while thinking of my question/quest 
and opened to:

urges you to follow your Heart 
instead of what other say. 


Hello, Tuesday. 

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