Tuesday, June 5, 2012


On stubbornness.

for all those who don't know,
 I've been a nanny for a 6, 3, and 1 year old.
After three months, I could no longer coach myself through the staleness of a daily routine.
yes, I know that sounds selfish and irresponsible. 
But, I refuse to continue being a solitary 25 year old who turned 
unhappy and lonely "housewife"
 So, I quit.  cold turkey.
side note: I look forward to the day when I raise my own children,
not someone elses. 

No matter how terrified I am right now 
(like, how will I pay rent next month?) 
I must trust that the universe has my back. 

I must Trust my decisions.  

Since you only live once, 
 I Leap. 


she said...

i have been ever so tempted to make a similarly dramatic decision on more than one front in my life lately. i am currently without the courage to leap, but hearing of your brave and constructive action has lent me a little...

lulu said...

Trust is my mantra for the week...hell, for the month!

It's scary, I'm scared. But far more fearful of the time that was/is passing before me, and with nothing to show!
Friends and family think I'm crazy and irresponsible, and maybe I am....but I TRUST myself. I trust my path. I trust the universe. I trust that something will work out.

If not, c'est la vie!

good excuses, eh? ;)

XO, she!