Friday, June 1, 2012

June to Do

marnin', sweet June. 
I'm a wee bit curious about what happened to May, but alas... 
I welcome you with open arms. 

this very moment, downtown los angeles.
my brother's loft sits perched on the 6th floor in a heavy stoned, turn of the century building.
the morning greets with a gray haze, a handful of skyscrapers, the reverberating noises of buses wailing and screeching, motorcycles buzzing, and commuters impatiently honking for friday. 
Luckily, I was able to scrounge up 6 cups worth of coffee grounds,
and a line of milk just covering the bottom of a convenience store quart. 
It will do.

Anywho, back to June. 
it's been a year of transition, for most.  
moving, quiting jobs, seeking new ones, getting married, breaking up, etc. 
The cosmos are stirring, but to what degree, we're all unsure of. 
All to say, blogging was once a welcomed form of inspiration -
now, I've been so silent for the past year ( year!?) 
that I'm sure it's useless for me to start this back up again...

It's my 25th birthday this month, and my goal is to change as much as I can. 
I'm seeking friendship, love, inspiration, new work, new city? 
new experiences! 
Including, a few new blog ideas. 

So, here's to a fresh start. 
turning can't into can 
and dreams into plans. 


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