Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Chapter

I know I've been quiet around these parts, but for very good reason(s)
I've been back in Los Angeles for the past month
after being away for six.
I knew that coming back meant starting my life all over again.
A lot of scrapping off the past, and starting fresh.
After months of intense growth, acceptance, and healing.
things finally feel right, with me.

Anywho, I've met challenges head on and now, accomplishments!
Such as:
Much needed explanation and closure with a Past Love.
Enrolling for Yoga Teacher Training
Landing a job that I will enjoy.
And just today, signed a lease to my new home!
The Universe aligned those stars
something special.
From discovering it's craigslist, picture-less, numberless, description-less add.
I was oddly drawn.
Then, falling head over heals in love after finally figuring how to reach it!
It's a little cottage perched on a hill at the foothills of Griffith Park.
I have my own little yard, with a monster Jade, Jasmine and Ivy,
Nature, Trees, Breeze, all within.....
The Urban Jungle that is LA.
Enchanting, quaint,

My new landlords sealed the deal with a jolly jar of homemade apricot jam.
ain't that grand?

Here's to Transition and New beginnings.
More Projects, More Fun, More Love!

Be Well,

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