Friday, January 6, 2012

Kitschy-Kitchen Habits

Does one inherit this custom?
the storing of aspirin/cold medicine in a kitchen cabinet or drawer?
It wasn't till this morning that I noticed my mother's collection with a chuckle.
Funny what you don't 'see' in yourself and in others as well.
clearly i've been jaded by this sight, because I myself,
subconsciously store a bottle of advil in a kitchen drawer.

Now recalling, my grandmother had a glass bottle of aspirin in her cupboard -
next to the coffee cups.
Was this the syndrom of an alcoholic?
When I'm ill, I wake and head straight for the bathroom.
If I'm hungover, I wake up and head straight to the kitchen.
My imagination runs the line of:
my cigarette-coated-gin-martini-hungover grandmother, shuffling into the kitchen with baby-blue rollers in her hair, blindly putting on the coffee.
when grabbing for a cup, she swoops that aspirin bottle by the neck with her index finger.
immediately soothed by the noise of those clinking pills.

Not to say that keeping medicine in your kitchen links to drinking...
(cups neighboring pills make a whole lot of sense)
Rather, did my babyboom parents pick this placement up from
the generation of heavy drinkers who raised them?
Just an observation.


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