Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sum It Up

Lu On Air Travel

los angeles to vegas to chicago
humans packed like cattle in a filthy, tiny,
construction site of a terminal.
flight delayed 2 1/2 hours,
equal the following observations:

children playing guess who
holding back steady tears
7 year old girl walks by with a cell phone in hand
asking her mother 'when will we finally get service?'
babies keep staring at me.
man keeps staring at me.
5 dollar water.
stevie nicks.
middle aged woman approaches me.
she leans over, hands on knees along with an expression of sympathy
'would you like to sit in a seat rather than on the floor?'
' you going to vegas? where you from?'
It was the manner of her tone that oddly translated
'are you lost? is everything okay?'
as if I was small child lost in an airport.
it must have been my pathetic posture, solemn face and weepy eyes that gave me away.

descended into vegas among heat lightning and severe gusts of wind.
yelps and screeches from passengers, then touch down.
we applauded.

forty minutes from final destination,
held in a holding pattern due to severe thunderstorms in chicago.
we circle for an entire hour, left- left- left- left.
finally, captain was given the go-ahead.
we weaved our way down,
with all too close for comfort flares of electricity.

that was yesterday.

by the bye, NEVER fly Spirit Airlines.

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