Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In A Short Span Of Time

all's dissolving into cinders,
billowing over what remains.
nearing a complete disappearance,
by seeking the apex of self.
this journey begins august 2nd,
a time to be carried off to the windy city.
where i'll nurture my soul and regain self.
the next leg will begin on september 25.
i will hop the atlantic and transfer till I reach my final destination of
San Sebastian, Spain.
it's there i will stay and work as an au pair till december 20th.

i don't know where my life is headed,
but i fully believe that these drastic string of events
have some how been cosmically induced.

let the adventure begin...

1 comment:

mæter said...

Hi Lu,

I stumbled across your blog ages ago and forgot it when my computer died for months and I had no internet access.

I recently got it back and found your bookmark and it reminded me why I bookmarked you in the first place.

The words you write and images you place them with evoke such a feeling within me that is both familiar and hungered for. I have been finding my own way these past few years and have the same yearning to find something that I know is a part of me.

Although I haven't been to San Sebastian I have visited Spain a few times and love it. Whatever you find it will be the first step to wherever you end up.

Also remember that whenever you take a step forward the universe will match it.

Safe travels!