Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It's been nine days since I've been
On Bar, and I miss it.

given, it was a love-hate relationship.
Love and obsession of coffee, the Art of pulling an espresso shot,
along with the process of preparing drinks.

Hate of a million hounding, complaining, and demanding people on your back.
Inevitably destroying the process purely by you being over worked.
Or as I used to call it,
The Cluster Fuck of Espresso.

*Rule of Thumb, unless you're at an ick-starbucks, in Europe, or the espresso bar is automated...
if your latte gets pumped out in two seconds flat, the quality of the bean/milk will be crap.
burnt/incorrectly stretched milk, incorrectly pulled/bitter espresso etc.

Okay, Rant Over!

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