Sunday, November 21, 2010

Be Fancy Free

i’ll be showing a small selection of photographs at one of my favourite vintage shops in portland all through november and the opening reception is tomorrow evening, i would love it if you could come. here are some details: it will be at clawhammer and clothespin at 3611 se division st. tomorrow evening (fifth of november) from seven until eleven pm.  my friends tim emerson and rachel hays will be providing us with music and my friend made some delicious truffles for the occasion. nothing too fancy, but it should be a lovely evening. also, during the party they are offering a 25% off sale in the shop! for more information, click here or here.

It's time, to direct my mind on a purpose or plan.
to aim.
to redefine what it means to be serious about dreams.

It's crucial, for me to do this now.

Tonight's a Full Moon.
Tomorrow, a New.

Lets make this a turning point, Lu.

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