Saturday, August 7, 2010

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nostalgiedelaboue:  i must must must go to cinque terre.  daydreaming of visiting foreign cities. -cschool recommences in 35 days, and after being in new york for just a couple of days i realized how much i really like chicago, and how glad i am that i’ve managed to make it my own somehow. i’m dreading going back, just because there will be a new roommate and i’m terrible with change, but i feel like this picture really captures (or i can project onto it, ha) how i feel about the city. you can overlook the city and have it at your feet, but at the same time it will always overshadow you and live beyond you. i’m still reading song of the lark by willa cather and the main character is studying in chicago in the 1890s and it just very effectively impresses upon me how insignificant my life—or anyone’s life—in a big city like that really is. in a small town it’s easy to convince yourself of your own importance, but in a city you blur, and time passes and you’re gone, and the city goes on. prettypinkshoes:(via fuckyeahgreatshit)

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