Thursday, December 24, 2009



Marshall Fields-Classic Goodness
(now turned macy's...BOO!)
The Famous Marshell Feilds Walnut Room Holiday TreeWalnut Roon

SOOOOO, my brother and a good friend decided to drive home for the Holidays
from CA to IL.
Easy-Peezy, Right?
They've been stuck in Middle America,
On a freeway for the past 20 hours;
Due to some freak of nature-texan- blizzard.
Thank you Global Warming!!!

He missed our family X-mas Eve.

So, This is my sad face.
I want my brother HERE. He's suffering, which sucks.

I love you Markie....hang in there.

Get home SAFE!


Sarah said...

Oh no! I hope he makes it back and you and your family have a wonderful xmas!


lulu said...

Thanks honey, he finally made it in!

Now, all that's on my mind is how I'm going to sneak a spot back HOME!!!

Sarah said...

tell me about it, can you swing by Perth and come and get me on the way back?