Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Winged Words

I awoke in the turmoil of a violent sea storm.
no boat, no lifesaver, just a single body in the vast depths of an Ocean.
each crash, twist, and turn of the waters, swallow me whole;
fighting for the smallest of breath.
then, i loose sense of what's happening.
searching for the surface in a watery grave.
panicked and stricken with fear, my body screams for air.
i prepare to breathe in the salted sea.
And with that urgent gasp, a powerful rush of water instantly fills my lungs.

With that, I wake up.

*while writing this, it became clear to me that i
didn't feel happy, relieved, or secure
when I woke up in my bed.

instead, i felt a sinking pit in my stomach that I was, where I am.
something has to change*

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