Saturday, October 31, 2009

Night Owl

I spent a Whopping $4.95 on my Halloween Costume this year.
Gotta love them Tin Foil 'Stars'
Hence - The Night Owl.

So, I got dressed up in my "costume" to meet up with some friends tonight.
Long story short: Blue Line (train) is under construction + The very far Bar Destination+
Traveling/walking alone + Commuting back out to the Fucking Burbs late at Night =

Halloween Plans Shot to Hell.
A. I really wish I had a Car.
B. If I have to live in Chicago, I need to be living Downtown!

I've never been a fan of halloween unless friends and drinking are on the itinerary.

Now, I'm just bored and ridiculously homesick for los angeles.
Time for heavy consumption of Wine, Alone.

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