Thursday, July 16, 2009

"I'm your huckleberry..."

Doc Holliday: Forgive me if I don't shake hands.

Doc Holliday
: What do you want Wyatt?
Wyatt Earp: Just to live a normal life.
Doc Holliday: There is no normal life, Wyatt, there's just life, ya live it.
Wyatt Earp: I don't know how.
Doc Holliday: Sure ya do, say goodbye to me, go grab that spirited actress and make her your own. Take that spirit from her and don't look back. Live every second, live right on through to the end. Live Wyatt, live for me. Wyatt, if you were ever my friend... if ya ever had even the slightest of feelin' for me, leave now, leave now... please.
Wyatt Earp: Thanks for always being there, Doc.


SoCalWendie said...

One of my favorite flicks. I wish I knew Doc

lulu said...

me too, me too.