Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Double Feature

A River Runs Through It, gets me every time.
Such a beautifully written film.

"We can love completely, without complete understanding."

1920's attire. men have never looked so good as in what's worn in this film. suspender swooning.


Legends of the Fall

I think I shed enough tears for one evening.


getsbis said...

that was a lovely post. gosh, all your posts are lovely! i haven't seen those two movies, but i definitely will (20s dressing, yes, i too love it). i am surprised that i don't know anything abour them.

by the way, please ignore my so not good english.
it's so stupid when you can't express yourself clearly.

anyway, Sunday Double Feature sounds good. although it's already monday.

SoCalWendie said...

Two of my favorite movies! What is better than Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt? A River Runs Through it always makes me feel like I'm right in the movie...sigh.. I think I will have to watch these again soon! Thanks so much for the lovely post

lulu said...

Prepare yourself...
I'm still recovering from watching these two back to back for the first time!

Thanks for the kind words.