Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I woke up around 4:30a.m. from wild dreams and a dire thirst. Cheap wine still lingered in my mouth.
When venturing down stairs in the wee hours of the morn' to fetch a cup of water, I always feel like I'm 5 again.
The twinge of Fear floods in.

But of what? Robbers? The Boogieman?

Dark shadows, odd noises, I impatiently filled my cup and scurried up the stairs as if being chased. By What? Nothing. My own imagination. I don't feel safe till I'm back in my bed.

This sensation only happens when I'm staying or living in Houses with floors. There's just something about Staircases...
Guess you can't take the child out of an adult.
I haven't lived with roommates or in a house/apartment with stairs for a handful of years. I'm used to living in a Little Box Studio, finding much comfort living alone with rooms reachable by an arms length.
Oh silly confessions!


madeline elizabeth said...


ME TOO! Why is that??!!

lulu said...

I don't know. when the roommates are out and I sleep alone in this house...OH HELLS NO, I can't sleep a wink! thanks to the dog Chaplin I get a couple hours in. (too many doors and windows!)