Sunday, January 25, 2009


When I discuss this "dream" of mine with friends or family the first response is Why? Then followed by Laughter.
My retort to this general response is sincere and filled with passion!

I've always wanted to run a small Diner somewhere in Wild-West America, hugged up next to a Railroad.
My dream would be completely fulfilled if I lived in the PAST.
( I'll assume this strong connection and desire is from a my past life)

My name would be along the lines of: Betty, Marie, June, or Mae...

I would be the owner that waitresses, who mainly just stands behind the counter continually topping off coffee cups, passing out slices of pie, and chatting it up with the local company.I would have an extensive vocabulary in Diner Lingo and possess a smile and laugh that is contagiously wonderful.
Sounds absolutely perfect.

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