Monday, November 24, 2008


Hello Monday.
It's been quite chilly here in southern california, thanks to the almighty marine layer. Subjected to wearing socks for the first time in many moons.
The cool feels refreshing, but I still prefer the continuous warmth

I was also forced to buy a semi-winter coat for when I go back home to Chicago for Christmas.

Personal Note: I'm a very stubborn gal.

I have refused to buy and wear a winter coat, even during the visits back home. My wardrobe just doesn't allow it, owning a total of 2 long sleeve shirts.
Never willing to invest, and always preferring to tough it out.

Slow to learn that I just don't like being cold.
Good thing I only have to brace the cold for a week to two weeks out of the year.

Back to the point. I'm thinking about SNOW.


Mr. Wilson A. Bentley (1865-1931)
The Snowflake Man!

"The snowflakes were too complex to record before they melted, so he attached a bellows camera to a compound microscope and, after much experimentation, photographed his first snowflake on January 15, 1885."-wiki

"tiny miracles of beauty"- Bentley

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