Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Shoe Fitting Fluoroscope

"three viewing ports on the top of the cabinet (e.g., one for the child being fitted, one for the child's parent, and the third for the shoe salesman or saleswoman), you would see a fluorescent image of the bones of the feet and the outline of the shoes."

The Certificate, typical 1950's Gem.
'This scientific way of approaching the problem of poorly-fitted shoes eliminates guesswork.
Now you can see for yourself!'

What a brilliant Gimmick for Shoe Stores!

The shoe fitting fluoroscope was brought to my attention last night. I sat and listened with astonishment, while my dad spilled his childhood memories with this fine looking device.

X-ray radiation hazard, Lead paint, Cigarette smoke, Alcohol...

No worry, No Harm, Right?

*Read more Here which also supplied the following images*

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